Frequently Asked Questions 


Do you travel? 

Yes! While my primary shoots are based in Toronto ON and Annapolis Valley NS, I love travelling for jobs! Some trade for travel options are available, and in some cases additional fees may be required. 

Will you take posed photographs? 

While my approach is very hands-off and unobtrusive, I do love to take some beautiful, casually posed photographs. So while I won't stop you to pose while you're giving your vows, I do like to schedule some time to create some images of you without a large viewing party. 

Can we give you a list of shots we want? 

While I don't need a list of shots, I love to include you in the planning process for our photoshoots together. You're always welcome to make specific requests or ask for certain shots, but I also ask for your trust in me to capture all of the amazing moments to tell your story. If we focus too much on copying someone else's style, mine will get lost in the mix. You've hired me for a reason, and I won't let you down. 

Do you edit all of our photos? 

Yes. All of the photographs you will receive will be in edited, high resolution format in the style reflected in my portfolio. I love balancing colour and black and white images for your collection. 

Can you photoshop me? 

I will do some light retouching to your photos, but I don't believe in changing the way you look. My editing style reflects my shooting style: natural. You are beautiful, trust me, and my photos will show you that. 

Can we print our own photos? 

Yes. While I do offer high quality, premium printing services, you are welcome to print your photographs on your own.

What  methods of payments do you accept? 

I am able to accept all methods of payment including cash, cheque, e-transfer and credit card for both deposits and payments in full. 

Do you provide the RAW, unedited files? 

I never provide RAW images. Believe me, I am not withholding anything from you and you aren't missing any moments from your collection. RAW images are meant to be edited, and without it they don't reflect the high standards that I set for myself and for my work. I provide you with a final product, not an unfinished one that you can't do much with and likely won't enjoy.

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