Tartan & Tea


This is for those who love in the moment.

Life is about the moments that make you laugh louder, stay longer, breathe deeper, and love harder. These are the moments that you'll remember long after everything else has gone. These are the moments that tell the story of you.


I am an ace third wheel.

(One you’ll actually want around.)

i want to get real with you. i want your messy, your crazy, and your wild. i want your awkward smiles (but trust me, you’re not as awkward as you think you are). i want your silly dance moves. i want to have all the fun with you - capturing you for exactly who you are. not some posed, perfectly placed version that doesn’t remind you exactly how you *felt* in your most important times with your most important people.

if you’re paying close attention, you’d be amazed at the beautiful stories people are telling simply by living their lives. i live for those stories, and i am so so lucky to help preserve them.

it’s super important to me for us to get to know each other and make sure we’re a good fit. learn more about me here.


What Love Looks Like


Weddings & Elopements

My favourite thing about weddings

is the way you get to express yourselves as a couple. I love the unique way you show off who you are and share your love with your little world. I love the moments that happen in between the poses and believe that those matter more than the standard shots. I take on a limited number of small weddings & elopements every year.


I want to speak your truth

Whether you’re just engaged, never getting married, or just plain old in love, you inspire the heck out of me. The way you hold each other, smile at each other, support each other, cry together and pick each other up. That’s the solid gold that reminds us what it means to love another human. I love creating an experience with you rather than cookie cutter photos so you can explain your love without words.


That other kind of love

The one I didn’t understand completely until I had a little one of my own. It’s indescribable and it is my complete honour to capture. Little moments shared between parents and children, between siblings, I’m all about that sweet stuff that makes your guts hurt and your heart explode.


I love your work

That’s right, I love working in the commercial space too. I love collaborating with people and brands to drive the creative force that go into developing your image, showing who you are and sharing your voice with the world.

There are actually no words to describe how talented, professional and how absolutely invested Janette is towards capturing every single meaningful moment in photographs but her amazing work speaks for itself.