My name is Janette Downie and I have been photographing life's breathtaking and beautiful moments for several years. I've worked with all types of people, all over the map. 

I know the value of a smile, a laugh, a kiss, a fleeting moment. 

I believe in capturing those moments, the ones you may not remember happening but will cherish beyond measure. 

It's a silent tear, a long inhale, a feeling you thought could not be described. The times we live and love so deep, through the wild and the mundane. 

It's our natural, authentic selves. It's raw and it's real. And we love every damn moment of it. 

It's your story. Let me help you tell it.  


There are actually no words to describe how talented, professional and how absolutely invested Janette is towards capturing every single meaningful moment in photographs but her amazing work speaks for itself.

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My Story


Born & raised in Toronto, Canada, I have always had a passion for the creative arts. As a child, I loved to draw, paint, sing, dance, act and write. Not until completing my degree at Acadia University in Nova Scotia did I discover my truest creative passion - photography.

After moving back home to Toronto, I worked for 5 years in Restaurant, Hospitality and Event Management. While I enjoyed working with people to help them create their events, I knew I was missing something essential to the very fabric of who I am. I wasn't sharing what I wanted to with the world. I decided to throw caution to the wind, quit my job, and start photographing full-time.

I haven't looked back since.

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As a photographer, I take an empathetic approach to shooting. I feel deeply and connect with people through their emotional experiences. Because of this, I am right there living in the moment with you, resulting in beautiful and authentic photographs. I am able to produce these images while taking an unobtrusive approach, allowing you to be immersed in the moment and enjoy your photo shoot to the fullest. 

I love helping individuals, couples and families tell their stories through creative and evocative images. By working closely with my clients, we create genuine experiences that leave lifelong memories in their hands, and more importantly- in their hearts. 




Go With The Flow


You're down to earth, easy going and you enjoy living life in the moment. You recognize that love exists in all the little details, the quiet and the loud, and you know the value in capturing it. You want a photographer who exudes those same qualities and matches your vibe. Sounds like a good fit? Let's work together.